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Snow blower VS Heated Mats

Can’t decide if you should get to a snow blower or just order a heated walkway mats? Don't worry we are here to help you!

A snow blower is a basically machine that picks up to snow from the ground and throw it aside.

The basic operation of all snow blowers is the same. They use an auger to collect snow from the ground and deposit it into the snow chute. They essentially move snow from one location to another.

A snowblower's functioning mechanism might be as basic as that, or it can have numerous phases. As a result, we split snow blowers into the following categories:

  1. Single-stage snow blowers

  2. Two-stage snow blowers

  3. Three-stage snow blowers

Snow blowers with a single stage remove snow in a single pass. The auger is in charge of collecting snow and flinging it to the side. Both two-stage and three-stage snowblowers have an impeller that blows the snow through the output chute. The accelerator on three-stage snow blowers speeds up the snow removal process. On light, dry snow, a single-stage snowblower, often known as a snow thrower, works well. If you have mild but frequent snowfall in your location, it's an excellent alternative to a shovel. They're also not that pricey if ! Also it is safe to say elderly people love snow blowers!

Every good thing comes with some drawbacks, unfortunately snowblowers are not as reliable as shovels and heated mats.

Let's take a look to the heated walkway mats. Heated walkway mats seem like more permanent solution. With warranty they can work like a champion for years (if you pick the right ones for you.) Simply just unroll and plugging in can save your time and eliminate your muscle work.

Heated mats can be a more expensive solution we should mention that, but every rose has its thorns.

You might be worried about electric bills, but some heated mats, like Tempurtech ones, comes with two power options, 120V and 240V. You can always choose the eco friendly option for you and your budget.

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