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Tempurtech Manufacturing established 2008 with a patent for heated carpets. We began taking on all kinds of custom products that could be heated with excited carbon molecules at low power. We continued to expand the use of our unique heating element with heated walkways, floor mats, and eventually, the nation's first heated roof and gutter mats, which prevent heavy snow damage on roofs, and prevent drain pipes from freezing. Since patenting roof and gutter mats, Tempurtech has geared up production to focus on these new products, and never stopped on working to be the best at providing reliable heating for homes and businesses.


With over a decade experience Tempurtech offers the nation’s ONLY approved heated roof snow, ice dam and ice melting system. Custom-manufactured to your exact specifications and ready-to-install, our heated mats rapidly and efficiently melt and prevent the harmful snow/ice build-up. Let us put our knowledge to work for you by designing the ideal system for your commercial roof, residential roof or your walkway.

Our Quality Guarantee

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