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Heated Walkways

Snow & Ice-Melting Mats

Allow our mats to create safe, slip-resistant walkways for your family, employees, & roof crews. No more salt!

Whether you're looking to protect your rooftop maintenance teams or prevent your frequently travelled paths from becoming obstructed by ice and snow, our heated non-slip snow and ice melting mats are manufactured to suit your needs.


Stop using messy salt, get a quote and use our mats to free your walkways of snow and ice today!

America's Most Trusted Snow/Ice Melting Systems



Rooftop Access


non skid mat_edited.jpg

Perfect for handicap ramps, to provide safe and clear access for wheelchair use

Save the time and effort of shoveling your pathways and sidewalks, let our heated mats do the work for you!

Keep your rooftop equipment readily accessible through out the harshest winter months while providing high traction for your crew

Stop using messy, destructive salt to keep your entryways clear! Our heated mats provide clean, continuous melting power to free areas of ice and snow!

Product Specifications

24" Wide 110V
110V, 120V
~0.32 A/Ln ft
~0.038 kW/Ln ft
24" Wide 220V
208V, 220V, 240V
~0.16 A/Ln ft
~0.038 kW/Ln ft
34" Wide 220V
208V, 220V, 240V
~0.24 A/Ln ft
~0.058 kW/Ln ft
34" Wide 110V
110V, 120V
~0.47 A/Ln ft
~0.056 kW/Ln ft

Faster Melting

Melt snow up to 4"/hr to prevent snow and ice accumulation

Energy Efficient

Less than 0.018 kW/sq ft.

Dependable Heat

Up to 110°F sustained for days or weeks!

roof walkway mat.jpg

Long Term Solution

No wires means no burnouts! Solve your snow and ice problems for years to come!


Enjoy industry-leading snow melting equipment without breaking the bank

Easy DIY

Simple installation: Mats come ready to "plug-and-play" with the power you have available. No professional installation required!

Superior Grip

Our 90-mil tread height provides a safe and slip-free surface to walk on, even when wet!

Christmas Snow

Quick & Easy Installation


Roll Out Your Mats

Rolling out mats during the first step of installation

With our innovative design, all you have to do is unbox and separate your mats, then simply roll them out.


No more struggling with heavy mats or awkward placement - our product makes setup a breeze!


Arrange Your System

Installers arranging snow melting mats on roof

Simply place your mats exactly where you want them with our quick and easy process.


No complicated instructions required - just set your mats where they need to go with your preferred securing method and you're done!


Connect To Power

display of 120V plug

Just connect your mats to an appropriate power source, and you're good to go!


No complicated setup, transformers, or power adapters needed - our snow-melting systems are quick and easy to set up and put to work!

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