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Tempurtech Handicap Heated Mats are especially designed for handicapped customers and their needs by our engineering team. Winters especially can be hard and hazardous on wheelchairs. Our handicap heated mats custom sized for your needs.

Wheelchair Accessibility


  • Increased slip resistance created with aggressive diamond plate pattern paired with proprietary internal NON wire heated element.

  • Bright Yellow Safety creates a safe zone to meet safety marketing requirements and reduce potential for accidents.

  • TPO is UV resistant for superior weathering ability for long-term performance.

  • A diamond plate tread design provides increased traction. 

  • To better define the intended traffic flow, the walkway edges are trimmed in 2" broad safety yellow.

  • For long-term performance, a superior weathering package is required. 

  • 80 mil at the bottom of the tread, 80 mil at the yellow welding border, 180 mil overall



  • Residential and commercial walkways

  • Handicap Ramps

  • Roofing maintenance access points (HVAC equipments etc.)

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