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How to fix gravel driveway

Living in the country is great till you have to deal with gravel driveways. Rain , melting snow and changing weather condition, unfortunately, affects the gravel driveways to the most.

There is few tips to fix your driveway without going crazy.

  • Choose the best gravel size for your driveway :

The optimum gravel for your driveway will be around the size of a pea, about 14 inches in diameter, with sharp edges. Pits are caused by large or flat gravel particles or smooth, roundish boulders. When forced down by a wheel, the pea-sized gravel tends to cluster, which is beneficial.

  • The "quick repair" method is possible forgravel driveway upkeep :

After some time, your gravel drive will possibly develop potholes. You can even out the gravel with a pick and shovel, then tap it down, but this method leaves a weak spot that will merely result in another pothole in the same location. It won't take long for it to show up again (thus the name "quick repair").

  • Professional gravel driveway maintenance options :

Long-term repair solutions all need the use of large tools and heavy gear. If you want to fix it yourself, you'll need to buy, hire, or borrow machinery that can distribute and crush gravel to create a smooth surface and decrease loose rock layers.

You may rent this project out and save the hassle of gathering a tractor, chain harrow, grader blade, box scraper, and other frightening gear and supplies. But don't forget this option might be expensive.

  • Taking care of potholes :

Potholes may do a lot of damage. The best option is to enlarge the pothole by removing the entire portion and then filling it in with gravel layers, compacting each one as you go.

Consider applying Geotextile fabrics :

Any permeable textile material used to promote soil stability, offer erosion control, or help in drainage is known as a geotextile. It depends on your driveway size but this fabric might give you the permanent solution.

  • Be open to excavation:

An extremely rutted gravel drive with weeds and a sub-grade that’s unstable should be redone completely. It would be a waste of time to try to fix it at this point.

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