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Is your driveway harmed by snowplows?

Winter is here and it doesn't seem like its gonna leave anytime soon. Keeping your driveway clean from snow and icing is very crucial for pretty much everybody. But the plowing your driveways damaging them? We are here to answer some questions.

First of all we have to mention that minor damages on the driveway because of snow-plowing is unavoidable. Of course, there is soma ways you to minimize your damage.

  • Before the winter gets worsen or a potential winter storm arrives to your town, detect pits and cracks, try to fill them. If the crack are not properly sealed, major problems can unsue.Water can also seep through damaged asphalt, causing more cracking and potholes.

  • No matter what, for sake of your driveway shape, you should always avoid from over-using the ice-melting products and de-icers. The most of the ice- melting products are containing high amount of sodium chloride, calcium chloride and urea. The side effect of these chemicals cause unhealthy outdoor plants, damaged indoor flooring and also can be very harmful for your pets.

  • Snow plow damage is almost always unavoidable. Your pavement may be damaged by scraping and dragging if the snow plow blade is not adjusted high enough. Scraping repeatedly removes pavement sealant from the asphalt, leaving an uncovered surface that gradually deteriorates.

  • Invest a very good heated solution. Heated walkways might be your permanent solution. As Tempurtech Manufacturing, we offer government approved, life time lasting heated mats. It is a very good investment for your pets and family.

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