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Snow Removal Tips

Is there snow on the ground? Maybe you're doing it wrong if you have muscle aches after a long winter of shoveling or blowing snow.

A snow blower

Starting in the middle and throwing the snow toward one edge of the driveway is the ideal strategy for driveways with clearance on both sides. Make a U-turn and return down the opposite side. Alternate for a while. You won't have to adjust the chute as often, and any snow that falls short on subsequent passes will be cleaned. You shouldn't require a second pass in most cases.

Start on the side closest to the house if your house is adjacent to the driveway. You won't be tossing snow onto already-cleared pavement this way.

Shoveling snow

When it comes to shoveling, you have two options. Shovel every few inches of snow that falls, or wait until the storm is over and remove the snow layers by layer. Only lift as much snow as you are comfortable with.

To begin, use a pusher shovel, such as #8 in the diagram below, to push the snow to the edges. Then shovel what's left out of the way with a garden variety shovel with sides, such as #2. A multipurpose shovel, such as #1, that can be used for tossing, lifting, and pushing, might be your best bet. An all-plastic shovel without a steel edge is less prone to catch on uneven pavement.

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