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What is a Heated Carpet?

Heated carpet is is a unique heating technology that transforms area rugs into "hidden" space heaters, allowing you to stay warm while maintaining your own style.

This mat may also be used as a heated pet mat!

Instead of using unsafe space heaters, eliminate cold spots in your home with this adaptable, high-tech, portable electric radiant heating blanket.

Perfect for adding incredible on-demand heating comfort directly at your feet on top of current chilly hard surface flooring or over previously placed carpets in your bedroom or living room.

But how is this thing working?

You are just ordering online, roll it up to the space and plug it in. That is it!

Heated Magic Carpets aka Tempurtech Manufacturing heated carpets, provide budget friendly joy to your feet with its 110V power option. With only few inches thickness provides you to option to lay the heated magic carpet under your current carpet and get the same efficiency.

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