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Commercial & Industrial

Heated Roof Systems

Snow & Ice removal done the right way

From large roof areas to small scuppers, our heated mat systems are custom made for any size application.


Contact us to protect your roof from ice damming and snow load.

America's Most Trusted Snow/Ice Melting Systems

Snow Load Relief

Drain Protection

Rooftop Equipment

Ice Dam Prevention

chicago 1_edited_edited.jpg

Say goodbye to the costly damage caused by snow accumulation and keep your roof strong and secure all winter long

Keep rooftop drains, outdoor drainpipes, and scuppers free of damaging ice buildup

Clear snow buildup around rooftop equipment and provide safe walkways for maintenance crews

Clear snow and ice before it becomes a problem. Worry no more about snow and ice-caused roof damage

Product Specifications

Compatible with
Power Consumption
24" Wide 220V
208V, 220V, 240V
~0.16 A/Ln ft
~0.038 kW/Ln ft
24" Wide 110V
110V, 120V
~0.32 A/Ln ft
~0.038 kW/Ln ft
12" Wide 220V
208V, 220V, 240V
~0.08 A/Ln ft
~0.019 kW/Ln ft
12" Wide 110V
110V, 120V
~0.15 A/Ln ft
~0.018 kW/Ln ft
5" Wide 110V
110V, 120V
~0.07 A/Ln ft
~0.008 kW/Ln ft


Install your system under or over roofs of any shape or size. Our mats

1/8" Thick

Energy Efficient

Less than 0.018 kW/sq ft.


Systems available in
120V, 208V, & 240V
to best suit your application

Why use heated mats vs. heating cable?

Heating cable offers single lines of heat, at a high operation cost, often results in a messy look and may present a burnout danger to your roof, while heated mats offer complete, safely regulated heating for areas vulnerable to snow buildup and ice damming at approximately half the operation cost, and a cleaner, smoother look.

Heated mats are a safer, more economic snow melting solution that can reliably relieve your roof or walkway from snow and ice.

Ineffective Heat Trace Cable melting thin lines of snow
heated roof mat melting snow on a roof

10 years in the field


Long Term Solution

No wires means no burnouts! Solve your snow and ice problems for years to come!


Enjoy complete customization to fit your exact snow and ice melting needs!


Tempurtech heated mats are the only heating products approved for use on roofs and compliant with your roof warranty!

Free Design Help

Tell us a little about what you want to protect, we'll do all of the heavy lifting to find a system that works for you!

Christmas Snow

Quick & Easy Installation


Roll Out Your Mats

Rolling out mats during the first step of installation

With our innovative design, all you have to do is unbox and separate your mats, then simply roll them out.


No more struggling with heavy mats or awkward placement - our product makes setup a breeze!


Arrange Your System

Installers arranging snow melting mats on roof

Simply place your mats exactly where you want them with our quick and easy process.


No complicated instructions required - just set your mats where they need to go with your preferred securing method and you're done!


Connect To Power

display of 120V plug

Just connect your mats to an appropriate power source, and you're good to go!


No complicated setup, transformers, or power adapters needed - our snow-melting systems are quick and easy to set up and put to work!

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